11-24-06: Pressed Between the Pages #2 now available!

Pressed Between the Pages #2 has been sitting around as a flat for two months now. As of today I finally have copies of it available. I changed formats this time around, opting for a quarter-sized layout over the half-size/digest layout I did for the first issue. Also, there's no poetry this time, but there are new zine reviews, something not included in the first issue.

Check out some EXCERPTS or ORDER a copy.

10-08-06: "Five Stories (film)" from Pressed Between the Pages #2.5:

Five Stories

8-19-06: Pressed Between the Pages #1 was reviewed by Punk Planet:

"Though this chapbook of poetry and prose is fairly brief, it nevertheless has several examples of something that occurs all too infrequently in the zine world: decent poetry. In his introduction, the editor makes it sound as if he casually dashed off some of his poems the week before. It's entirely possible that this is the case, but his poems suggest rather more thought and craft than he admits to.

One poem encapsulates the longing of a long-distance romance: "Lost for hours in songs that I can't/ but really want to unfurl/pretending I too can relate to every line/about a boy and a girl." Even more poignant is an elegy to the editor's mother that is likely the only instance of zine poetry that is capable of stirring true emotion.

This zine is well worth seeking out for these two poems alone, and it will be interesting to see how this writer develops in years to come."

- Punk Planet Magazine

01-24-06: Pressed Between the Pages Podcast!

I've read a previously unreleased piece "She Handed Me Her DIary," for the Fall of Autumn Zinester Podcasts. The piece was written for Pressed Between the Pages #2, but was later reprinted in Valiant Death's Zine Scrapbook #1. Click here to listen.

3-28-06: Pressed Between the Pages #1 now available!

Pressed Between The Pages #1 has a full-color cardstock cover and backing, black & white paper guts and a $1 price tag. Only 100 copies were made, after those are sold, it's gone.

The zine features stories about friends, ex-es, my first and only time performing on stage and (gasp!) a few poems. I write in a stylized non-fiction fashion (meaning it reads like short stories not a diary, but all pieces are based on real events from my life).

The cover was illustrated by Cristy Road (Green Zine, Indestructible book) and the stories inside were illustrated by Sage's (Eye Candy, Tattooed Memoirs, Marked For Life) daughter Emily (Birds), age 5.